Friday, August 21, 2015

Understanding Hindutva

Hindu fascism (packaged as nationalism) is a serious movement that needs serious scrutiny by unbiased researchers. The ruling BJP of India is part of the Sangh parivar that promotes Hindutvadi fascism. As the leader of largest democracy in our world, prime minister Narendra Modi, who also heads the BJP, therefore, is an important personality and his deep rooted ties with Hindutvadi fascism cannot be ignored.

Although written in 2002, before Modi's ascension into power in India, here is an important link to understand probably everything you want to know about the ruling BJP and the Sangh Parivar, the purveyors of Hindutvadi or Hindu fascism.

Table of Contents
1.Purpose, Methodology and Organization
Organization of this Report
Summary of Findings
2.A Brief Outline of the Hindutva Movement
2.1. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
2.2.Hindutva: The Ideology of RSS
2.3.The Hindutva Movement and the Sangh Parivar
2.4.Constituents of the Sangh Parivar
2.5.Organization Structure of the Sangh Parivaar
2.6.The Methods of the Sangh: From Violent Riots to Planned Pogroms
2.6.1. --Violent Underpinnings of Hindutva
2.6.2.--The Sangh’s Participation in Communal Riots
2.6.3. --Targeted Violence Against Minorities: Two Recent Examples
3.Placing the IDRF Inside Hindutva: An Institutional Analysis
3.1. Institutional Links: IDRF as a U.S. branch of the Sangh
3.1.1. --The IDRF in US Government Documents
3.1.2. --IDRF In Its Own Words
3.2. The IDRF's Leadership: The RSS Ideologue
3.2.1. --The IDRF's Founders
3.2.2. --The IDRF's Other Office Bearers
3.2.3. --The IDRF's People in India 18
3.3The IDRF and the Sangh in the United States
4.Funding Hate?
4.1. The IDRF Funds and Their Distribution
4.2. Funding Hinduization
4.3. The IDRF as a ‘Development and Relief’ Organization
4.3.1. --Relief
4.3.2. --Development
4.4. IDRF: Funding Violent Organizations?
4.4.1. --Anti-Christian Violence in Gujarat, 1998-2000
4.4.2. --Tribal Participation in the Gujarat Genocide, 2002
4.4.3. --Spreading Hate in Other States
Hindutva: The Growth of Violent Hindu Nationalism
The Blessed Nine! And The Sisters
Sewa International: Service with an Ideological Edge
Sewa Bharati: Hindu Consolidation at Any Cost
IDRF Relief Efforts: Sectarian, Not Humanitarian
Adivasi vs Vanvasi: The Hinduization of Tribals in India
Education? or the Promotion of Bigotry?
Appendix H The Money Trail

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