Sunday, May 28, 2017

Harassment of Rohingya continues in Myanmar

Muslims around the world are observing Ramadan. But observing it in Buddhist Myanmar is becoming very difficult, esp. for the Rohingyas who have been targets of genocide for many years. Many of their mosques and schools have been burned by fascist Buddhists. So they must walk miles to participate in congregational prayer services like the Tarawih that are held in a mosque.

They are harassed, raped and killed to ethnically cleanse them from their ancestral homes in northern Rakhin (Arakan) state of Myanmar. Not a day goes by without some Rohingyas killed, raped, harassed or victimized in this den of Buddhist intolerance and hatred.

The RVision reported lately that the military raided Bossara (Thawan Chaung) village of Southern Maungdaw and arrested an entire family including women and children on 26th May 2017. Military personnel along with police arrived and besieged the entire village of Bossara (Thawan Chaung), where they falsely accused a Rohingya family by keeping their own military guns in the house.

Later to prove the accusation they arrested the entire family including women and innocent children and took them to detention.

In another separate incidence military and police also raided the Andang (Inn Din) village in Maungdaw, leaving villagers in threat and fear of arbitrary arrest and torture. Moreover fate of the arrestees in the both villages is still unknown.

Raid and arrest have created a dreadful situation in Rohingya villages. Where locals are made to expect arrests and any forms of human right’s violations, which have been happening in Arakan (Rakhine) since the beginning of Rohingya GENOCIDE.

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