Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ma Ba Tha changes its name

I just got the news that Myanmar's ultra-nationalist, call it more properly fascist, Ma Ba Tha movement announced Sunday (May 28) it was rebranding under a new name, days after Buddhist authorities banned the network which has been accused of stoking Islamophobia. They have been doing actually worse than stoking Islamophobia.

On Sunday the group released a statement saying they would use a new name: the Buddha Dhamma Philanthropy Foundation.

"We urge all members in all regions and states around the country to work for the country, people and religion using the name of the Buddha Dhamma Philanthropy Foundation," said the statement, signed by its monk leader Tilawka Biwuntha.

Here below are my comments that I posted to the news:
What a joke this fascist organization Ma Ba Tha is making to the word 'philanthropy' by changing its name! What has philanthropy to do with fascism that not only instigates mass murder of a vulnerable minority religious community but also participates in such genocidal crimes? Changing names won't whitewash their crimes against humanity.
Shame on Ma Ba Tha and what it stands for - no matter under what banner it resurfaces!

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