Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ludicrous charges against Myanmar's minister

Tonight my attention was drawn to a protest march of some 200 fascist Buddhist monks demanding the ouster of Myanmar's religious affairs minister.
The news report says: "Hundreds of Buddhist nationalists staged a protest in Naypyidaw last month, where they accused the minister of favoring Muslims over Buddhists. They also demanded the lifting of a preaching ban from anti-Muslim monk Wirathu, the enactment of a plan to protect Buddhism, and an apology from the minister.
The minister’s critics staged similar protests in Yangon and Mandalay on June 25 to demand his resignation."
What a joke Buddhism is becoming in the hands of these fascist Buddhists! I am simply amazed at their ludicrous charges of favoritism for Muslims against the religious affairs minister. Did not he refer to the Myanmar’s Muslims as “visitor citizens”?
The fascist monks seem to have hijacked Buddhism in Myanmar, and need to be reined in before the situation inside implodes.

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