Friday, September 23, 2016

The story of a Rohingya woman called Raysuana

Here is the story about a Rohingya woman who died because of neglect and abuses suffered in the hands of Myanmar government and its racist Buddhist majority. (Note: the story is published in the Myanmar Times, which has not been sympathetic to the Rohingya cause and is known to cater to the interest of the persecuting Buddhist community. Nevertheless, it is good to see that it reported the sad matter.)
On August 30, Amnesty International called for an independent inquiry into the death and possible sexual assault of a young Rohingya woman who was found at a military compound in the Rakhine State capital Sittwe. In its website, it appeals: "The Myanmar authorities must ensure a prompt, independent, impartial and effective investigation into the death and alleged rape of a Rohingya woman. The alleged refusal by the police to investigate the case, and to bring those responsible to justice is a violation of their human rights obligations and sends the message that crimes against Rohingya, including unlawful deaths, rape and other crimes of sexual violence, will continue to go unpunished."

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