Friday, September 23, 2016

Uri Avnery on Shimon Peres

Here is the link to Uri Avnery's article.
He writes, "The career of Peres resembles the legend of Sisyphus, the hero of ancient Greek myth who was condemned by the gods to roll a heavy rock up to the top of a hill, but every time he approached his goal the rock would slip from his hands and roll down to the bottom." "To spite Rabin, Peres did something of historic significance: he created the first Israeli settlements in the middle of the occupied West Bank, starting a process that now threatens Israel’s future. The furious Rabin gave him a moniker that has stuck to him since: “The Tireless Intriguer”."
Peres ultimately became president of Israel. Avnery writes, " The lifelong politician who had never won an election was now President – and overnight he became very popular."

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