Monday, July 3, 2017

BGP's latest crimes against the Rohingya villagers

Rohingyas of Myanmar are the worst persecuted people in our planet. There is hardly a tactic that has not be tried by the government, military and now civilian, to harass and make the lives of this vulnerable people miserable and unlivable.  (See the report below from Rohingya Vision.) In Suu Kyi's Myanmar, the BGP are using dogs to bite cattle owned by the Rohingya. Where and when would such harassment cease?
Maungdaw-  While Burmese military are brutally hunting Rohingya’s livestock with their pet dogs, Border Guard Police (BGP) are forcibly extorting money from the locals on the pretext of checking the recommendation letter needed to be taken form the local administrators concerned in the south of Maungdaw, Arakan State, according to the locals.
A group of Military form battalion-535 of Kyauk Pan Du, sothern Maungdaw came to the ward-8, sub-town of Myin Hlut with their pet dogs at 10 am on June 25. And they let the dogs bite a she-goat owned by a religious teacher named Abdu Munaf, son of Abdu Gulam, 40. When the goat couldn’t run because of the bitten injuries, military caught it to take to their camp without giving any return to the owner.
On that day, they, in the same way, caught an ox owned by Aman Ullah, son of Abdu Rohim, 45, hailing from the same village and took it to the camp too.
A local human rights observer said, “It seems that Myanmar military are kept unpaid in Arakan and directed them to plunder the Rohingyas, and hunt their domestic animals. They are now worse than dacoits and gangsters.”
Another atrocious incident took place in the same village on June 28.  
Iman Huson, son of Moggul, 25 and Kobir, son of Zawlal, 30 were going to the nearby village named Kyauk Pendu in order to purchase goods. In the halfway, BGP from Horithilla camp arbitrarily stopped them and asked them to show their identity cards. They showed them the receipts got from the government when the Rohingyas were compelled to surrender their temporary identity cards at the hands of authorities.
Seeing these, BGP twisted the game and extorted 250,000 Kyats from each of them alleging that they didn’t take the recommendation letters of the village track administrator which are made essential for the Rohingyas to take at the time of travelling out of the area.
Both Burmese military and BGP have reached at the pick point of atrocities and so, snatching the foods from the mouths of the helpless Rohingyas has already become part and parcel of the daily life.

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