Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rohingyas denied Inclusion in the Census of Myanmar

In recent days, Myanmar government is carrying out a census in which the Rohingyas are excluded. This stance should not surprise us at all knowing the apartheid scheme of the rogue regime and its war criminals.

As I have mentioned numerous times, the racist Buddhists of the Rakhine state (the Maghs) don't want Rohingyas to be included and have been behind the series of pogroms dating back to the time of World War II when Rohingya Muslims were ethnically cleansed from vast southern parts of the Arakan State, forcing them to live in the northern townships that are near Bangladesh. It was no surprise that on March 16 of this year, there were widespread protests in Arakan (Rakhine) State against the possibility of the Rohingyas being counted as a distinct ethnic group. The Buddhist mob sentiment, as a result of years of hateful brainwashing, regards the Rohingya Muslims as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. They issued a demand for the government to give further assurance by March 21 that it will include Rohingya people as “other” in the census. Some Rakhine Buddhists threatened to boycott the census if their demands were not met.

Many such protests in today's Myanmar are stage-managed by the goverrnment - local and central, which provide the justification that whatever it is doing (violating human rights) against the Rohingya minorities is 'democratic' and according to the wishes of the majority Buddhist people. Forgotten there is the basic realization that democracy means inclusion and not exclusion. Fascism on the other hand is all about exclusion, which is sometimes sanctified via majoritarian dictates. Thus, what Myanmar today has - is not democracy but fascism a la Nazi style of Hitler's Germany. One has to simply change the word 'Jew' to 'Rohingya' to see the evil connection in Myanmar.

Many westerners are not even aware that the Swastika sign is a Buddhist symbol, which many Buddhist monasteries and temples proudly show around South and Southeast Asia.
As expected in Mogher Mulluk, Myanmar, U Myint Kyine, the Director General of the Department of Population of the Ministry of Immigration and Population told Myanma Freedom Daily on 20 March that the term “Rohingya” will not be included in the census, reiterating the government’s longtime stance. “The census is being carried according to international standards and there’s no need for Buddhist Rakhine people to feel worried [about the Rohingya],” said U Myint Kyine.
Well, I beg to differ with him and his fascist government and marauding, savage supporters.

Professor C.R. Abrar of Dhaka University has recently written an article on "Rohingya Persecution" in the Daily Star of Bangladesh.

He wrote, "It is widely acknowledged that the new leaders of Burma are continuing the policies of their predecessors to attain the goal of ridding Arakan of the undesirable Rohinygas. In the pursuit of this policy, instead of rescinding the harsh and illegal Orders framed by the junta, they continue to uphold and nurture them. These policies have brought untold sufferings to the Rohingyas, making them the most vulnerable minority community of the world.

Prima facie evidence has been established that in dealing with the Rohingyas the Burmese leadership has engaged in acts of 'crime against humanity.' It is time the international community, particularly the West, exerts meaningful pressure on the Burmese leaders to reverse their Rohingya policy. The world must come to terms with the counter factual that the best of times for the western corporations in Burma is paralleled by the worst of times for the Rohingya population. Inaction in the face of expulsion of the Rohingyas will indeed be a blot on humanity's conscience as was the extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany."

 Sadly, the world community, esp. the powerful Brahmins in the UNSC, are all talks and not really credible when it comes to upholding minority rights of Rohingya people, who are the most persecuted people of our time. What a shame!

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