Thursday, August 25, 2016

Saw Khin Tint should resign from the Advisory Commission

An advisory committee has been formed in Myanmar, headed by ex-UN secretary general Kofi Annan, to solve the sad and inhuman catastrophe facing the Rohingya minorities of Arakan state. Since 2012, some 140,000 of them don't have any home to return, as a result of genocidal campaigns by racist and bigot Rakhines, which were aided by government agencies, Buddhist politicians and monks. The persecuted Rohingya were denied their right to even cast vote in the last general election.

The formation of the advisory commission should be a matter of celebration, unfortunately, such enthusiasm is dashed by a rotten rat. It includes a known racist and bigot Rakhine Literature and Culture Association (Yangon) chair Daw Khin Saw Tint, who is Rakhine. I must admit that I didn't know much about her position until I came across Dr. Zarni's link:

(Thanks to Dr. Maung Zarni for sharing the info with English translation.) Upon reading the piece from Khin Saw Tint, there is no hiding that she is a very hostile person, an anti-Rohingya zealot. And that is a sad thing to see happen to the advisory commission that is supposed to come with solutions to resolve the decades-old problem.

One would have liked to believe that Suu Kyi would have been more careful in selecting members of the Advisory Commission. Obviously, we are all disappointed to see the inclusion of a racist and bigot like Saw Khin Tint to whom Rohingyas have no history prior to the Burma's independence from Great Britain. Such deniers of the truth are provocateurs of the 'slow' genocide that we know is happening with the Rohingya people. Unless their narratives are disallowed or shun, they will continue to leave Burma a divided country where the rights of vulnerable minority would suffer immensely.
After being named in the commission, she said she believes working together with independent and highly respected international figures will present a clear image of what is happening in Rakhine State to the international community. “The problem can only be solved with a bilateral approach,” she said. “I think it is good to include unbiased representatives from the Muslim community because their consultation with the local residents will help us find the best solutions and understand what is happening on the ground.”

I have no confidence in her knowing her highly deplorable statements that deny Rohingya history. Knowing her biased, hateful position on Rohingya, in all fairness, Saw Khin Tinit should excuse herself from the commission so that it can do its task fairly.

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