Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A critical review of "The Battle for British Islam"

Sara Khan, a British, has written a book:  The Battle for British Islam: Reclaiming Muslim Identity from Extremism.
Sara Khan's attempt to reclaiming Islam for the British Muslims in this book is disingenuous. She displays gross inability to interpret the world around her in a coherent way, and thus, miserably fails to learn any lessons from history. Her failure to condemn mainstream media, which are owned by rightwing media moguls who take pride in actively encouraging their media outlets to demonize Muslims, is simply inexcusable.
A reader may find her views as part of a covert attempt to infuse blood in British government's unhealthy PREVENT strategy, which is failing miserably. She should have known better that PREVENT is a critical part of the government’s counterproductive counter-terrorism strategy that not only demonizes Muslims but also creates a climate of fear that can only continue to the radicalization of young and rightfully angry Muslims. Truly, she comes across more as a cheer-leader or promoter for the government's failed policy than a serious researcher or writer who is interested about genuine peace and human rights.
For a good critical review of Sara Khan's book, click here.

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