Thursday, April 3, 2014

Help the people in CAR who face genocide

The Muslims of Central African Republic are facing genocidal activities at the hand of joint French Troops and Christian militias of so-called anti-balaka and Lord's Army that are guilty of eating human flesh. As a result, some 800,000 Muslims are internally displaced and are starving.

In February, I have written about the grave situation that they face. (You can read this by clicking here.) Here are some facts to understand the situation:

  • From 1889 to 1960, France occupied the area and promoted Christianity as a colonial power through missionaries.
  • There is no history of major conflict between animists, Muslims, and Christians.
  • The first break in this peaceful co-existence came when the country was subjected to the atrocities of the Lord's Resistance Army, a Christian fundamentalist group – a sort of Christian Taliban with its base in Uganda.
  • Then, for ten years, General François Bozizé, leader of an all-Christian army, ran the country, while getting himself elected as president.
  • His abuse of power, delaying elections, and corruption led to general unrest, which gave rise to an alliance called the Séléka rebels.
  • Tribes not aligned with this military regime, especially Muslims, were subject to institutionalized discrimination and violence. Many joined the Séléka rebels, forcing the government out in March 2013. They kept the old Prime Minister, but installed a new president who happened to be a Muslim.
  • Supporters of the fallen regime refused to accept the new government and organized around “anti-balaka” militias, stoking hatred against Muslims.
  • The CAR’s most prominent imam and grand mufti, Oumar Layama has stated that “It’s not a religious war. It is a political conflict.” He did not hesitate to denounce the tyranny of both the former Christian regime and the Séléka rebels.
  • Imam Layama and the Catholic Archbishop, Nzapalainga, both have worked together to spread a message of inter-faith harmony and calm tensions, but the conflict continues.
  • In December 2013, France sent 1,600 soldiers to the CAR. They disarmed the Séléka rebels, but not the Christian militias.
  • In January 2014, the CAR president resigned at the French demand and a Christian president was installed.
  • French forces are accused of protecting France’s nuclear energy interests, while doing little to stop the continuing ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Christian militias.
  • Unfortunately, this is exactly what French did in Ivory Coast just a couple of years ago, which resulted in Muslims singled out for violence and forced out of their homes.
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  • I got the letter below from Mali Relief that is trying to help the suffering people:
    "Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    Idriss was a doctor in the hospital of Gadzi, located in the region of Ombella-Mpoko. He left Gadzi recently, his native town, a small city of Central African Republic, against his will, as he has been threatened to be killed.

    Why? Simply, because he was a Muslim, like 350,000 Central African refugees in Chad.

    He left everything behind and fled to Chad with his family for safety.

    Now, he and his family, along with 800,000 internally displaced regugees, are facing hunger and malnuitrition of staggering magnitude, as reported by the World Food Program.

    Moreover, Idriss's wife has gotten ill, like many others, due to heavy rain season, favorable to mosquitoes, which cause an epidemic of Malaria in the region.

    Three members of Mali Relief Team, including a journalist and an Imam, will be leaving the US this Saturday for Cameroon, Chad, and Central Africa Republic to alleviate the suffering of refugees with humanitarian supplies.

    Please, pray for the voiceless Muslims of Central African Republic!

    Please, Donate Now to support Mali Relief so we can deliver urgent care supplies to the refugess in a timely fashion."

    You can help them by contacting:
    Why Care for Mali?

    Mali Relief
    Mali Relief is dedicated to easing the humanitarian crisis in Mali and West Africa. In addition to in-kind donations, such as clothes and other supplies, Mali Relief, is collecting funds for food, health, shelter and educational aid for Mali refugees.

    Address: 8950 S STONY ISLAND AVE, Chicago, IL 60617 USA
    Call: 773-961-6611
    Email: info@MaliRelief.orgVisit:

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