Friday, August 4, 2017

Myanmar Police Shooting Leaves 5 Rohingya Villagers Injured in Rathedaung

The news below is from the RB News.
At least 5 Rohingya villagers were severely injured and 4 other were arrested in a joint raid by the Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) and the Rakhine extremists on 'Auk Nan Yar' village in Rathedaung Township today, reliable sources say.

The Police and the Rakhine extremists arbitrarily arrested men and molested women during the raid on 'Auk Nan Yar' village, locally called 'Razar Bil' at around 7:00am today. The police opened fires on the crowd as the village men gathered to protect the women, according to an eyewitness’s account.

Five people were severely injured in the rampant shooting by the Police this morning and they are:
1) Abdu Subhan (17), s/o Abul Kassim
2) Sayed Ullah (14), s/o Karimullah
3) Bashir Ahmed (20), s/o Mohammed Hassan
4) Yunose (24), s/o Noor Alam
5) Mv Abdu Subur (40), s/o Motiur Rahman
Meanwhile, 3 more men were arrested and detained by the police. They are:
1) Rahmatullah (30), s/o Amir Hamza
2) Amir Hussain (41), s/o Rahmatullah
3) Nesarullah (20), s/o Noor Mohammed
The police and the Rakhine extremists conducted yet another raid on the village before the time of the Muslim Friday Prayer. As most of the men fled in fear of the arbitrary arrests, the police arrested ‘Oli Ahmed (50), s/o Kullya Meah,’ a weak man suffering from multiple diseases, as he wasn't able to flee to hideouts.
Earlier on July 30, 3 Rohingya villagers were brutally killed and 2 were abducted during a raid jointly conducted by the joint forces of the Myanmar BGP and Military; and the Rakhine extremists at 'Attet Nan Yar' village in Rathedaung Township.

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