Sunday, August 21, 2016

Israeli police rearrest freed Palestinian 'terrorist'

Israel is one of the last apartheid states in our time. She does not want any Palestinian living there, and as such does everything to make life a hell for them. A free Palestinian can be imprisoned on a cooked up charge of aiding terrorism or inciting violence against the state. Even when after years of serving the prison term a Palestinian is released, he or she can again be imprisoned. That is how the 'only democracy' in the Middle East functions! Just read the news below to see the latest crime of the apartheid state.
Jerusalem (AFP) - Jerusalem police said on Friday they have rearrested a Palestinian man days after he completed a 14-year prison sentence for a plot to poison diners at an Israeli restaurant.
A police statement said the man was detained on Thursday in the Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Jabal Mukaber, where he lives.
"Police units arrest terrorist from Jabal Mukaber who served 14 years in prison for terrorism," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld posted on his official Twitter account.
"He was arrested again for supporting terrorism."
Rosenfeld did not identify the man, but Israeli media named him as Sufian Abdu, an accomplice in a 2002 plan by Palestinian cook Othman Qihanya to kill customers at west Jerusalem landmark Cafe Rimon, on behalf of the Palestinian militant group Hamas.
The Jerusalem Post said Abdu had left prison only three days before his rearrest.
Police said he was suspected of "supporting and identifying with a terror organisation", without elaborating.
Israeli public radio said he was picked up again because of "the waving of Hamas flags and the voicing of calls to violence and incitement against Israel" at a party to welcome him home from prison.
He was brought before a magistrate on Friday and remanded in custody for further questioning by the Jerusalem police "minorities" (Arab affairs) unit, a police statement said.

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